RO Studio
is a digital image capture service for still photographers based in Chicago, IL.

We offer boutique still capture solutions both in the studio and on location. RO Studio comes from the technical support side of photography and has spent years training photographers on Phase One cameras and teaching classes on Capture One software.

We anticipate the needs of our clients assuring artists and photographers that their files are secure. With their minds off of the technical stuff, our clients can focus on their own workflow and talent interactions without distraction.


We have high end computers, displays, cameras, and equipment to ensure your workflow runs smoothly and your images can be assessed with accuracy.

Other Services:

In addition to digital capture and digital techs, RO Studio provides:

• Film Digitization & Scanning
| We digitize film through instant capture methods allowing us to deliver RAW files that can be inverted and color corrected exactly to your specifications - even after capture. Of course we can also provide JPEG/TIFF files as well as traditional flatbed scanning.

• Photographers
| Our photographers can shoot anything from editorial and artist portraits to ecommerce and corporate headshots.

• Education & Workshops | We believe that sharing knowledge with  the photography community allows for better opportunities for people working in the field. Our experts are available for consultation and classes. We have taught workshops for high schools, colleges, and for seasoned veteran photographers.

Send us an e-mail, we’d love to hear from you!